Short Story Masterclass
with A.S. Patrić

Saturday, 9 February

In this special masterclass with 2016 Miles Franklin Award-winner, A.S. Patrić, writers will be taken through a study of the craft and technique essential for writing unique and vital short stories. Explore character development, narrative function, voice and tone, as well as the ideas and aesthetics specific to short stories, with a focus on how to deploy these skills practically. Discussion will be warm and inclusive, exploring a range of genres and styles but always with a focus on the art of fiction.

Voice in Creative Nonfiction
with Sarah Krasnostein

Saturday, 23 March

Beyond just tone or perspective, voice in creative nonfiction is the writer’s signature on a particular true story. It refers to the unique ways in which we understand our material and reflect that understanding back towards our readers. In this workshop, Sarah will work with participants to explore some of the many choices involved in the process of turning our messy and complicated selves into credible and original narrators of true stories.

The Unpredictable Plotter
with Toni Jordan

Saturday, 6 April

Your novel-in-progress might have a fine voice and terrific characters, but what on earth is going to happen? A surprising and riveting plot is one of the best ways to keep your reader turning the pages. Plot shouldn’t be a creative afterthought: instead, it’s an intrinsic part of your manuscript, which interweaves theme, pace, character development and voice. Plot must have a relationship with the protagonist’s conflict, so Toni will begin by analysing your protagonist in depth. You’ll also unpick your theme, discuss genre conventions and decide on the nature and quality of your ideal ending

Mary Cunnane's Publishing School
with Mary Cunnane

Saturday, 27 April

Mary Cunnane is a renowned publishing sage, having worked in the US and Australian industries for over 30 years. Join her for an in-depth exploration of how publishing works in Australia and internationally. Learn about agents and acquisitions editors, contracts, royalties and advances, foreign rights, publicity and marketing and the nuts and bolts of an effective book proposal/submission. The session will also feature a mock editorial/acquisitions meeting.