Crime Writing Masterclass
with Chris Hammer

Saturday, 22 June

Join the author of unique rural crime noir blockbuster, Scrublands, for a journey into the elements of effective, gripping crime fiction. Get to the bottom of how to write compelling suspense and twists you’ll never see coming. Chris will also share his tips for bringing your landscape to life as an important ‘character’ in your story.

Writing Your Life
with Zoya Patel

Saturday, 6 July

Join author and editor, Zoya Patel, for an immersive workshop on life-writing. How is memoir different from autobiography? And what do writers need to be prepared for when sharing their own stories?

In this workshop, participants will explore the different forms and formats of memoir, the craft of constructing a compelling story in narrative non-fiction, and the ethics of telling other people’s stories.

World Building
with Isobelle Carmody

Saturday, 20 July

Join bestselling author Isobelle Carmody in this six-hour intensive on building compelling, original worlds. Learn how to flesh out your vision, and strike just the right balance between your descriptive content and the space left for the reader to do their own world-building. Relevant for writers of all genres, discover the secrets of creating vivid settings that ground your characters and captivate readers.

Writing the Body
with Lee Kofman

Saturday, 3 August

One of the common ills affecting many fiction & creative non-fiction writers is our tendency to forget that people we describe have bodies, and to make use of this wonderful fact. In real life, all of us are embodied and everything we do, even our thinking, comes from, through and/or despite our bodies. In Writing the Body, learn to write in a way that not only pays attention to this central fact of human existence, but also uses the body as a source of inspiration.

Story Structure Masterclass
with Kathryn Heyman

Saturday, 10 August

Learn how to structure a work of fiction or narrative non-fiction at this one-day workshop with acclaimed writer Kathryn Heyman.

Writing requires a mixture of art and craft – no matter what genre you’re working in. Whether you’re writing fiction or narrative non-fiction, this unique masterclass with acclaimed novelist Kathryn Heyman will teach you how to structure a compelling story – and become a better writer.

Character Masterclass
with Kate Forsyth

Saturday, 24 August

Why is it some books you read linger in your heart and mind for the rest of your life, while you have trouble remembering much about another book only a few days later? And how do we, as writers, create characters that sing and dance and leap? How do we tell a story that makes someone we have never meet sigh, and laugh out loud, and weep? Discover how with Kate Forsyth.

Setting and Place Masterclass
with Jack Heath

Saturday, 28 September

Sprawling or claustrophobic, real or invented, past or future, the setting can make or break your story. In a small room in present-day Canberra, award-winning author Jack Heath – who has set his bestselling novels everywhere from outer space to a noir distortion of Houston, Texas – will show you how to build a world without slowing your story down or losing sight of the characters.

Making Your Book Work
with Valerie Parv AM

Saturday, 12 October

Don’t know the right place to start? Have plot holes in the middle? You don’t need a formula, you need a road map – how to make one that leaves you free to write your story, your way. Discover selling secrets to push your writing further so readers NEED to know what happens next.

with Ginger Gorman

Saturday, 26 October

Kickstart your freelance writing career.

Ever wish you could diversify your income streams through freelance writing? Or do you desire more flexibility in your approach to work? Professional freelance writers turn these dreams into reality through hard work and industry know-how. Kickstart your career in this six-hour intensive on the ins and outs of freelancing.

This workshop is suitable for those who need help turning their writing skills into income or rejuvenating their freelancing career.

Picture Book Perfection
with Irma Gold

Saturday, 9 November

In this workshop you’ll learn everything you wanted to know about writing picture books. As both an author and an editor working in children’s publishing, Irma will give participants an honest and realistic insight into the publishing industry. You’ll learn how to create work that young readers will love, and explore and develop new ideas through exercises.