Business Skills & Marketing for Authors
with Aleesah Darlison

Saturday, 29 February

Being an author today means more than just writing books. To break through and be successful in the long term, authors must have sound business knowledge and excellent marketing and social media skills.

In this session, Aleesah outlines what authors need to do to establish their own business and unique brand. She will also cover key aspects of real world and digital marketing that create awareness and promote book sales. Learn how to stand out from the crowd and turn your author business into a profitable enterprise.

The Hero's Journey
with Kylie Fitzpatrick

Saturday, 21 March

The Hero’s Journey, aka classic story structure, is a writer’s survival kit, providing all that is vital to brilliant storytelling in a few key stages. Does your central character, hero or heroine, have a reason to leave their ordinary, everyday world and go on a journey into the unknown, and does each stage of their journey draw your reader more deeply into the narrative? The journey might be to the ends of the earth or just to the garden shed, but if you, the author, know the way, your story will grip readers from first page to last.

Memoir Intensive
with Patti Miller

Saturday, 28 March

Is it possible to tell the truth and keep your family, friends and dignity relatively intact? Does everything have to be revealed? How far can a writer go in creating life-like situations? What are the pitfalls in structuring a memoir and how do I avoid them? This intensive 4-hour workshop is for people who have made a start on their memoir/creative non-fiction manuscript. This workshop offers creative guidance and writing exercises. We will discuss some challenges and offer creative and practical solutions.

Next Level Poetry
with Melinda Smith

Saturday, 2 May

Award-winning poet Melinda Smith will help you take your poems to the next level. We’ll look at inspiring examples from a range of Australian and international poets writing in English, and explore some techniques for stretching your work into new shapes.

Bring some drafts you’re working on, and together we will find ways to go deeper, making them more surprising, more mysterious, and more powerful. Suitable for ‘intermediate’ participants; the workshop assumes some basic familiarity with contemporary poetry.

Voice and Vision
with Kathryn Heyman

Saturday, 16 May

For emerging and established writers of fiction and non-fiction, this full-day workshop will help you find joy and freedom in your writing. Using unique methods developed over many years, acclaimed writer and mentor Kathryn Heyman will help you develop new techniques, find character voice and the voice for your novel or memoir. You will leave the class with a stronger sense of your writerly voice and vision, a toolkit of techniques to discover new elements in your writing, and the confidence to go forward.

Building the Fictional World
with Kate Forsyth

Saturday, 23 May

An intense full-day masterclass workshop which explores how understanding the science of storytelling can help you engage with your audience.

Create empathetic characters, deeply immerse your readers into your fictional world, creative narrative tension, and deliver cathartic release for your audience.

Writing Life
with Benjamin Law

Saturday, 6 June

Telling your story in the media and getting published can be a challenge. It can be even more challenging when you’re part of a minority.

Learn how to constantly generate story ideas; master the art of pitching; understand how to plan a story from conception to publication write sellable, readable stories; invoice publishers; and adopt management and business skills vital to freelancing.

Pitching, Agents & The Business of Publishing
with Alex Adsett

Saturday, 20 June

Want to spend a day with a literary agent and publishing consultant? Alex Adsett of Alex Adsett Publishing Services has over twenty years of industry experience.

Adsett will also cover topics such as representation, contracts and copyright, who needs an agent, pitching, the tips and traps of traditional contracts and how to be aware of, and avoid publishing scams.

Making Comics: A Crash Course
with Ryan K Lindsay

Saturday, 18 July

Award-winning comic book creator, Ryan K Lindsay from Canberra has written for Dark Horse Comics, Vertigo, and run 8 successful Kickstarter campaigns to fund his own comics. Lindsay is running a workshop all about getting started with making comics. In this workshop, you will look at how comics as a medium function, how to script and plan out comics, and how to put together a loose and effective visual idea of what your comic can become.

Writing Like You Don't Care What People Think
with Koraly Dimitriadis

Sunday, 9 August

Join Koraly Dimitriadis for a workshop that will inspire you to push beyond your boundaries, shed your inhibitions, and get to the heart of what it is you want to express.

If you are looking for a prescriptive workshop on the correct way to write, then this is not for you. This intimate workshop will require participants to be fully open to the experience of their truth, and sharing their writing and/or performance with the group.

Crime, Thriller and Suspense
with Benjamin Stevenson

Saturday, 26 September

In this masterclass of Crime, Thriller, and Suspense writing, internationally acclaimed novelist Benjamin Stevenson teaches how to construct a compelling mystery: how to stick the landing of a plot twist, and how to earn red herrings without cheating.

In structuring an effective genre novel, Benjamin will talk about pacing, how to build effective suspense

Create Compelling Characters
with Isobelle Carmody

Saturday, 24 October

Join bestselling author Isobelle Carmody in this intensive workshop on creating characters who draw readers in and don’t let them go. Relevant for writers of all genres, discover the secrets of creating strong and believable characters that will build connection with readers.