Romance Writing Re-imagined
with Valerie Parv

Saturday, 18 November

A one-day comprehensive on romance writing with one of the most successful authors in the field.

The more troubled the world around us, the greater the need for escapist entertainment, possibly why romance novels account for a third of all fiction ebook and print sales in the US alone. But nothing stands still. Are your story ideas evolving to keep up? Do your hero and heroine live in today’s high tech world, meet in up-to-date ways, and have contemporary conflicts keeping them apart?


Editing Nonfiction
with Pippa Carron

Saturday, 2 December

A no-nonsense intensive on structural editing for nonfiction.

Structure is the underpinning architecture of all nonfiction books. It has to flow correctly from macro-scale down to individuals sentences, phrases and words. Being able to edit the structural components of your nonfiction book will pay off dramatically when it comes time to find a professional editor or if you intend to self-publish.

Awards Night + Christmas Party
with ACT Writers Centre

Thursday, 7 December

A hotly anticipated event in the ACT writing calendar!

Join us for a relaxed, fun-filled evening to celebrate the ACT Book of the Year announcement, our 2017 ACT Writing & Publishing award winners, and the end of a wonderful year. Bring yourselves and some holiday cheer! We look forward to seeing you there.