The Hero's Journey
with Kylie Fitzpatrick

Saturday, 1 February

The Hero’s Journey, aka classic story structure, is a writer’s survival kit, providing all that is vital to brilliant storytelling in a few key stages. Does your central character, hero or heroine, have a reason to leave their ordinary, everyday world and go on a journey into the unknown, and does each stage of their journey draw your reader more deeply into the narrative? The journey might be to the ends of the earth or just to the garden shed, but if you, the author, know the way, your story will grip readers from first page to last.

Business Skills & Marketing Prowess for Authors
with Aleesah Darlison

Saturday, 29 February

Being an author today means more than just writing books. To break through and be successful in the long term, authors must have sound business knowledge and excellent marketing and social media skills.

In this session, Aleesah outlines what authors need to do to establish their own business and unique brand. She will also cover key aspects of real world and digital marketing that create awareness and promote book sales. Learn how to stand out from the crowd and turn your author business into a profitable enterprise.