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ACTWrite is the ACT Writers Centre’s monthly member magazine. It contains:

  • Articles on writing, publishing and literature.
  • Information about Writers Centre events and workshops.
  • Information about upcoming writing and publishing opportunities and competitions.

ACTWrite is is distributed as both a hard-copy publication and as a PDF, depending on subscriber preference. The PDF version is produced in full colour while the hard-copy version is printed in black and white. Each issue is delivered within the first week (PDF version) or 2 weeks (hard-copy version) of the month.

Download a sample issue of ACTWrite (PDF).

Download our advertising and promotion factsheet (PDF).

Contribute to ACTWrite

An important part of developing a writing career is establishing a writing resume. Just as a standard resume outlines your employment and education history, a writing resume is a profile of your writing and publication history. It includes all your published work plus any shortlistings or prizes. Books, articles, reviews, and websites are all part of your publication history. So is any substantial written work relating to your job or education, such as annual reports, promotional documents and theses, provided you were instrumental in their creation, either in a writing or editing role.

A strong writing resume is a good way to demonstrate commitment, skill and versatility to potential employers and to publishers. The ACT Writers Centre wants to give members a chance to develop their writing resumes by contributing to our monthly magazine, ACTWrite.

Every month, the newsletter is dedicated to a new theme. The Writers Centre encourages contributors to submit ideas for articles on each monthly topic. We also welcome articles about current literary events or issues and interviews with writers. For a list of upcoming themes, email communications(at)

Keep in mind that this is a professional publication, and we will not publish work unless it has been well written and is thoroughly researched or written by an authority on that topic. We are looking for interesting and informative writing.  Acceptance is not guaranteed, and we do not pay for general contributions (apart from our feature article), but all publications will add to your writing credits and is good practice for submitting your work.

What we want

  • Articles that look at an aspect of our monthly topic in a fresh way or from a new angle
  • Articles that provide readers with thoroughly researched information they did not know before
  • Informative articles on new trends or current affairs affecting the literary world
  • Impartial reviews of major literary events such as festivals (please contact us in advance if you are attending an event you would like to write about, as we may already be covering it)
  • Interviews with authors and other literary professionals

What we don't want

  • Personal opinions on topics that the writer is not an expert on or has not thoroughly researched
  • Profiles – we select our own author to profile each month
  • Self-promotion or advertisement of your own services (members are welcome to advertise in ACTWrite at reduced member rates)
  • Articles restating familiar ideas or re-covering old topics
  • Creative fiction or poetry
  • Book/product reviews

How to submit

Do not submit an entire article without first having sent a query, by email, to: communications(at)

Your query should include:

  • Your name
  • The title and brief synopsis of your article, including word count and if images are available
  • Your qualifications for writing this article or demonstration of research done.
  • Which issue of ACTWrite you think your article would be suitable for 

If your proposal is accepted, we will ask you to submit it by a certain date, as well as provide a statement that the piece is your own work, not under copyright elsewhere and that you accept full responsibility for the content of the piece. If we do not accept the article, we will let you know as soon as possible.

We may ask if we can hold onto your article for a future edition. You are welcome to refuse, so long as you let us know. Editing will be at the discretion of the Writers Centre staff.

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