Tax Basics Q&A with Peter Bayliss

    With tax time quickly approaching, you might have a couple of questions about writing/artist related activity? What should you be claiming? Join this Q&A session on all things tax.

    Find further information here.

    Peter Bayliss is an Accountant and Managing Director of Into Tomorrow (Arts Business Services) and First Base Music. (Music Artist Services).

    When: 6pm–7pm Wednesday 24 June

    Where: E Block Seminar Room, Gorman Arts Centre

    6262 9191 or online



Events & Workshops

Bobby GrahamHow to Make and Market a Book in 2015 with Bobby Graham

10am–1pm Saturday 20 June

Have you written a book, but don’t know what to do next? Attend this workshop to find out how to take charge and produce your own work. This could be in print or in digital—or both.

Bobby Graham is a digital publisher with a passion for publishing and communication. Bobby holds a Masters in eBusiness and a Bachelor of Arts in English and History.

Cate Whittle Characters that Count with Cate Whittle

10am–1pm Saturday 20 June

Without characters that count, the web that weaves your story together is incomplete, but before your characters can step into the story, you, the writer, need to know them better than they even know themselves.

Cate Whittle’s characters have come to life in stories that have won prizes and been shortlisted in competitions, including the Terry Pratchett Prize in 2013, and have been published in various different magazines and anthologies since 2002. 

Chris Andrews

Creating Compelling Novels with Chris Andrews

10am–4pm Saturday 25 July

Through practical exercises and group activities you'll learn how transform your ideas, characters, and storylines into a cohesive whole, potentially taking your stories well beyond the borders of genre—and all without selling out.

Chris Andrews has worked as editor with CSIRO's Web Team and Internal Communications areas, and now runs Creative Manuscript Services full-time. He is currently negotiating a four-book deal with an Australian publisher through his literary agent.

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